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Voto Evangélico Latino (2) – Latino Evangélico Vote (2)

This last week there have been several news reports related to the Latino evangélico vote. On October 17 we reported the results of a poll that concluded that the majority of Latino evangélico voters will vote for Barak Obama. That same day COMALIC presented a press release in which they questioned the results of the […]


Migración – El tema ausente Immigration – The Missing Issue

Last night we saw the first presidential debate. There have been multiple analysis and both campaigns are claiming victory. But the issue of immigration only received one comment, in passing. When speaking of security Senator McCain talked of the need to strengthen border security. Senator Obama did not even allude to the issue. If the […]


Migración, la elección y el voto latino – Migration, the Election, and the Latino Vote 1

In the last few days the campaigns of McCain and Obama have presented commercials in Spanish in states like Colorado and New Mexico in which both present themselves as the person most in favor of a just and comprehensive immigration reform. We would like to see both present this same type of announcement in English. […]